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Alignment: Standing Postures and Sun Salutations 

Date: Jan 12, 2020

Time: 12:30-2:30pm

Do you ever wonder what constitutes sound alignment in yoga postures? All of our bodies are different and optimal alignment will vary from person to person depending on  bone structure, injuries and musculature. During this workshop, we will go over the specifics of many of the standing postures and the poses that make up sun salutations, including downward dog, cobra, upward dog, plank, chaturanga, and standing forward folds. You will learn options and modifications suitable for your body and learn how to apply them when you are taking a yoga class, so you can feel like you are in the optimal position for your body.
$40/$35 before 1/5

Location: Carrboro Yoga Company 

101 Two Hills Dr Unit 150, Carrboro, NC 27510

You can pre-register at 



Partner Thai Yoga Massage

Date: Sunday Feb 2, 2020 

Time: 12pm-2:45pm

Thai Yoga Massage combines yoga postures with assisted stretching and massage along energy lines that run through the body. In this workshop, you and a partner will be guided through a Thai yoga massage exchange. You will practice applying gentle rocking motions and rhythmic compressions with your hands, knees, and feet while assisting your partner in yoga stretches. It’s great for relaxation, pain relief, flexibility and balancing energy. No massage experience necessary and all levels of yogis welcome! It is also not necessary to come with a partner.

Thai yoga massage is done on the floor on mats while fully clothed. Please wear clothing that doesn’t limit your movement. Bring a yoga mat and blanket if you prefer your own, otherwise, you can use the mats and props in the studio.

$55/$50 before 1/26

Location: Carrboro Yoga Company



Hamstring and Hip openers 

Date: Sunday March 8, 2020

Time: 12:30pm - 2:30pm

In this workshop, we will dive into ways to effectively open our hips and hamstrings. After a flow warmup, we will use props, the wall, partner assists, and Thai yoga massage to open up our hamstrings, outer hips, glutes, psoas, and hip flexors. Learn how to align yourself in hip and hamstring yoga postures, and how to adjust them as needed for your body. Releasing tension and tightness in our hips and hamstrings can help with low back pain, sciatica, knee pain, postural imbalances, piriformis syndrome and counter the effects of sitting for long periods of time.

All levels welcome! The workshop will include time for your specific questions.

Location: Carrboro Yoga Company

$40/$35 before 3/1

Pre-register at 




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