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Ayurvedic Health

What is Ayurvedic Medicine? ​

 Ayurveda is one of most comprehensive holistic healing systems and oldest health care system in the world with roots going back 5,000 years.  This system of medicine recognizes individual mind/body types called doshas. It says that everyone is born with their own natural balance which influences all aspects of their life, including body structure, emotional make-up and predisposition to illness. When we understand our own natural state of balance, we can make choices to reduce the stress in our lives and find the most optimal and natural state of well-being and joy in our physical, mental and emotional bodies. 

 Ayurveda looks at the root causes of a disease or imbalance, the current or long term symptoms and creates individualized treatment programs. Ayurveda looks at the whole person, including the physical, mental and emotional well-being. Treatments may include dietary changes specific for you, lifestyle adjustments (slow steady change is encouraged), and ayurvedic practices and techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety and bring a greater state of harmony into your body. 
 This health care system can be very beneficial for anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, lack of focus and drive, pain, weight problems, digestive complaints, hormonal imbalances, pre-natal and post-natal complaints, menopause, skin problems, mood swings and many other imbalances. 

Ayurvedic Health Counseling 

During an Initial Ayurvedic Health Consultation, the practitioner will look at long term physical, mental, emotional and physical functional characteristics to determine your Prakruti (Original Creation or your constitution-the percentage of each of the five elements within you that does not change). For example: What had your digestion been like most of your life? Your appetite? What happens when you miss a meal? Do you prefer to be a leader or a supporter? What is your typical reaction when things get stressful?  How has your sleep been? Shape of your eyes, nose, face, etc?   

Then the practitioner will look at how things have been recently; in the last 6 months to a year to determine your Vikruti (your current state or which elements are out of balance) For example: Most of your life you were very cold, now you feel very hot. Most of your life you had constipation, now you experience loose stools.   She will also look at your tongue and take your pulses to determine both Prakruti and Vikruti. 

After the initial consult, the practitioner will take all of the gathered information and write up about an 8 page report about your Constitution and about what is out of balance.  You will meet back in 1-2 weeks for a follow up.  This session is 1 hour and you and the practitioner will go over your report. A recommended initial treatment plan is in the report, which may include a recommended and detailed food list, herbs, yoga postures that will benefit you, meditations, breathing practices, morning and/or evening routines, lifestyle changes and more.   

Ayurvedic Initial Consultation  – 90 Minutes   $95
Ayurvedic Follow Up  –  60 Minutes   $80
Package of 5 follow-ups- (60 min each): $350 ($70/session) ​​


Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Bodywork Package
Package of 6 sessions  for $400  includes:

An Initial Ayurveda Health Consultation (90 minutes) 

1 Ayurvedic follow up session (1hr) 

1 Personal Yoga Therapy Session (1hr)

 3 Thai Yoga Massages (1hr/session)

You will receive:

A personalized and detailed Food and herb list with foods recommended specifically for you and foods that might be best for you to avoid

Personalized Yoga Program and instruction for you to practice at home

Morning and evening routines to include at home

3 Thai yoga massages catered specifically to your body

Time for questions, concerns and checking in each session

An education on the principles of Ayurveda and how they can help you feel better!

These Therapies provide a natural way to treat many imbalances including:
Joint pain and stiffness, fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, digestive problems, weight loss or gain, eating disorders, menstrual and hormonal imbalances, skin problems, headaches, muscular tension, pre-natal care, post- partum care, lack of focus and more. It also takes into account your whole person and work to treat the cause of the dis-ease or imbalance, not just the symptoms. There is no mass diagnosis. Katie will take time to specifically design a program for you.

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