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Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork is a healing art that combines assisted yoga stretching, acupressure, gentle rocking, rhythmic compression, massage, energy work and meditation. My session's combine Thai Massage with Yoga Therapy to create individualized treatments catered to your specific goals.  Thai Yoga Bodywork can help relieve muscular tension and tightness, counter the effects of sitting all day, help with injury prevention and rehabilitation and decrease anxiety and stress. It was designed to reduce stress, relieve pain, and support the body’s natural ability to physically and emotionally balance and heal itself. Thai Yoga Bodywork is performed on a mat on the floor; both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement and flexibility.  Please wear comfortable stretchy clothing that will not restrict movement. 


Thai Yoga Bodywork  –  60 Minutes    $85

Thai Yoga Bodywork  –  75 Minutes    $100

Thai Yoga Bodywork  – 90 Minutes    $115

60 min Thai Yoga Bodywork Package of 5: $375 ($75/session)

75 min Thai Yoga Bodywork Package of 5: $450 ($90/session)

90 min Thai Yoga Bodywork Package of 5: $525 ($105/session)

*Due to COVID-19, packages do not expire


Thai Yoga Massage for Athletes 

Thai Yoga bodywork can play a vital role for every athlete in addition to regular workouts, exercise and sports practice. Regular Thai Yoga Therapy may help you gain the athletic advantage over your competition and lengthen the overall life of your sporting career if added to your existing conditioning program.

Below are the benefits of Thai Massage and how it could help athletes, martial artists, dancers, runners, swimmers, Cross-fitters and other sports people in a way that is perfect for those who are highly active and whose bodies are put under constant pressure from aggressive, explosive and repetitive movements.

Whether you are into sports activity professionally or simply as a hobby, Thai Yoga massage is a great way to condition your body and keep it in peak performance as well as helping in recovery after activity.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Therapy for Athletes 

1. Thai Yoga massage enhances and boosts performance by increasing energy and flexibility as well as decreasing muscle tension. This may lead to an increase in performance ability and decrease the chance of injury.  Thai Yoga bodywork improves blood circulation, thus helping the body to more efficiently receive and process nutrients that are essential for optimal body functions.

2. Regular Thai Yoga bodywork helps maintain better condition of the body by keeping your muscles healthy and flexible, which prevents them from developing injuries or losing mobility. 

3. It helps heal sports injuries more quickly by reducing pain, swelling, bruising and muscle adhesions, as well as relaxing and stretching sore muscles. And while recovering from injury, Thai Yoga Massage partially compensates for the lack of exercise during inactivity.

4. Thai Yoga massage relaxes the mind and body and improves emotional balance, helping athletes with focus and staying present. 

5. Athletes may maximize the benefits of Thai Yoga massage through having it before an event or competition as a preparation therapy and after the event as a recovery therapy. The pre-event massage will aid in increasing flexibility, mobility, preventing injuries as well as improving concentration and focus plus it calms down nervous athletes prior to the competition. The post massage will then promote faster recovery through pain relief from muscular fatigue, soreness, stiffness and especially sports injuries. 

Prenatal Thai Yoga Bodywork 

Prenatal Thai Yoga Bodywork is a wonderful way to relieve aches and pains during pregnancy and can be very beneficial to both mom and baby.  It is helpful for relieving leg tension, back pain, insomnia, muscle cramps, sciatica, digestive problems, and stiff shoulders and hips. It is a very relaxing therapy that reduces stress on weight bearing joints, reduces anxiety and helps with the increase in blood and lymph circulation, which can reducing swelling.  Lots of cushions are used for your comfort and support. Please wear comfortable clothing to allow for ease of movement and flexibility.


Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Bodywork Package
Package of 6 sessions for $400 includes:

  • An Initial Ayurveda Health Consultation (90 minutes)
  • 1 Ayurvedic follow up session (1hr) 
  • 1 Personal Yoga Therapy Session (1hr)  
  • 3 Thai Yoga Massages (1hr/session)

You will receive:

A personalized and detailed Food and herb list with foods recommended specifically for you and foods that might be best for you to avoid

Personalized Yoga Program and instruction for you to practice at home

Morning and evening routines to include at home

3 Thai yoga massages catered specifically to your body

Time for questions, concerns and checking in each session

An education on the principles of Ayurveda and how they can help you feel better!

These Therapies provide a natural way to treat many imbalances including:
Joint pain and stiffness, fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, digestive problems, weight loss or gain, eating disorders, menstrual and hormonal imbalances, skin problems, headaches, muscular tension, pre-natal care, post- partum care, lack of focus and more. It also takes into account your whole person and work to treat the cause of the dis-ease or imbalance, not just the symptoms. There is no mass diagnosis. Katie will take time to specifically design a program for you.

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